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Design service: Graphic design:

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Logo, Business cards and company CI.

Despite a world full with Skype, Facebook, emails, Chats blogs and endless tweets one aspect of good etiquette has remained the business card. Exchanging it at exhibitions or while making new business contacts it remains a simple but ideal way of exchanging information. I offer a complete graphic design service creating these classical communication tools, including your company logo design, complete CI and if needed, a website design as well.

Graphic design combined with 3D design:

Powell design specalizes in 3D form. This comes from my original roots as a clay sculptor and the decades of experience designing in the automotive, product and jewelry worlds. This knowledge is used extensively in Perfume Flacon design where the combination of form and graphics creates more than just a new look. These projects start with a classical hand sketching phase before moving on to CAD models and the first 3D printed models are made. They are works of art and the creative process reflects this right from the beginning.

Graphic / Livery design for motorsport:

I offer a complete graphic design service for all fields of motorsport including: rally, touring, long distance, club sport and all formula including F1, F2 & F3.
I start the project by producing a variety of proposals and following a client decision proceed to transfer the graphics to the racing car (using the automotive designer taping process) in preparation for the painter or large surface decal application. Sponsors stickers can also be ordered and applied to the car.

Historic racing car graphics:

Due to extensive experience in this field. I was involved in most graphic or livery design motorsport project in the 1980's at Porsche I can offer you support for your Porsche restoration project. Maybe lines are missing, or parts of the original design are know longer visible due to a crash at a local historic race I can certainly offer support.


2D graphic design projects start at €70.00 per hour but I normally make an offer for the complete project following a briefing with the client. Projects involving 3D CAD design fall under the category of Industrial design. Costs for motorsport graphic / livery design have to be calculated for each specific project.







2D Graphic. Logo design.

3D Packaging.
CAD illustration

Wine labels. 2D graphic combined with 3D, CAD illustration.

Website design for classic car centre. www.pam-auto.de

Graphic design for classic
and modern motorsport. Porsche 917 restoration.


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