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Classic and Motorsport is a further venture of Powell Design and offers a range of fascinating and unique images from the classic car and the historic world of motorsport that I have taken over my years of involvement in motorsport at Porsche and more recently as part of a Photography service I offer..

Classic and Motorsport sells images in poster form as well as a large selection of ART PRINTS (available in 2 sizes: A3 & A2 and what is most exciting, large scale pictures printed directly, using Ultra violet hardened inks, on the high quality DIBOND®,
an aluminum / foam sandwich material which is very stable and light weight. Perfect for your home, office or garage.

Every image on the website can be ordered using this printing method. The usual size is 1150mm x 765mm but we can print smaller and up to twice that size upon request. The maximum being 3000mm x 1500mm. All images have a silky-matt finish unless stated otherwise

My service is highly personalized and I would suggest you contact me directly at: if you have any questions.


Classic and Motorsport Photography:


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