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"Design and engineering have always been my passion".

It started at school where I fascinated by the arts & crafts and anything technical. It continued at the world famous RCA, Royal college of Art in London, where I studied automotive design engineering and photography.

I worked one year at the
Rover design studios before accepting an offer to join the Porsche design and development centre at Weissach near Stuttgart. Here I worked on automotive, Industrial design and iconic motorsport projects.

I spent the 90‘s at the
satellite research centre of the
BMW group known as BMW Technic. Our mission was to be innovative and look ahead. I designed several stunning show cars and ran various advanced design projects for BMW Technic during this time and became head of design.

From 2000 to 2004 I worked as a design / technic manager at the
BMW Group main production design studios firstly running concept car development then formulating design strategies for marketing, engineering and management.

In 2005 I set up and ran the BMW Group exterior detail design studio handling lighting, wheels and engine bay design for all production and show cars with hundreds of design and management challenges over the next years.

Powell design builds on all this experience, knowledge and creativity and is currently working on a wide range of design and consulting projects in many disciplines. A new venture brings a return to Livery / Graphic design world for all types of motorsport, track day cars and classic restorations and current customers include the Porsche Museum. www.powell-livery.de

If you have any questions about projects on these pages or design support for your company write to me directly at contact@powelldesign.de I will answer personally and as quickly as possible.

Robert Powell.



Robert Powell standing in front of a large scale tape drawing for a yacht concept.

Diploma in Automotive design at the RCA, London

Rover design studios. Exterior. Interior. Colour and trim.

Porsche design studios. Exterior. Interior. Advanced design. Industrial design. Motorsport. Senior designer.

BMW Technic and BMW Group. Exterior. Interior. Advanced design. Industrial design. Head of design / Design manager.

Powell Design. Design & consulting.


Automotive Design & Consulting CV.
In-depth overview of my knowledge, experience and key skills.


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