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Design service: Automotive Design Engineering and Consulting:


The automobile world produces concept vehicles to look ahead, test customer reaction to future design directions or provide a frame work to carry and test highly innovative and new ideas. As an ex concept design studio chief designer ( BMW Group) I have an in depth knowledge of this area. How projects are started and planned. What is needed. Who is required. Each conceptual design project will have to be individually packaged to suit your requirements.

Package development support:

An automobile concept begins with a well thought out technical package. Especially vehicles out side the main stream need a special design / technic synergy right from the beginning of a program. If you are a small company with little experience in this area I offer support and advice. Should you be a group of OEM's considering a joint automotive project venture my package knowledge will help you create the right development framework from the beginning.


The exterior design process, based on your package or our concept will be planned around your requirements and budget. It usually begins with a classical brainstorming and sketching phase. Following the choice of a direction the design will proceed though scale or full size tape drawing and into the CAD / CAS phase. Various virtual presentations can be made before the go a head into proportional foam milled models or into a clay model phase. The following phases, though to finished models or even prototype depend very much on your budget and general project intentions. My highly specialized network can handle every phase of exterior design though to a running prototype, so contact me if you have questions.

I often see, at European trade fairs and exhibitions, highly expensive studies which have been developed with universities or small engineering companies but despite the immense financial investment do not represent this outlay in design quality. I offer project support in this area too, advising young designers or engineers on how to really produce the most professional product within your tight budget or simply supporting your in house team with an external opinion.


Interior design is more than a styling sketch. Ergonomics play a huge roll at the beginning of a interior design program. Staring a project with a CAD package we move on to classical seating bucks where the first realistic impressions are gathered of the interior space. The entire process can be handled by my network though to a trimmed prototype. As mentioned earlier I am targeting small engineering companies or groups of OEM's with my services. These types of projects, usually run under very tight budgets and are often handled in unconventional ways to meet deadlines. My 'hands on' style of work supports this type of project and continually looks for ways to get the job done outside the 'norm'.

Detail design:

As ex head of detail design at BMW my knowledge of Lighting, Badging, Engine Bay design and wheels was applied to the entire range of BMWs and show cars for five years. I can offer the highest quality design support in all these areas.


Automotive, 3D projects, can start as low as €90.00 per hour. Though this should only be seen as a guideline. Each project has to be individually accessed before I make a final quote.



"I support research groups, universities, engineering companies and motor industry OEM's with my design & consulting services".

Robert Powell

Automotive Design & Consulting CV.
In-depth overview of my knowledge, experience and key skills.


"A camel is a horse designed by committee".

Alec Issigonis


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