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Logo design for Richard Busch. USA - LA, Musician.
Use on website and CD's.

Logo for High-tech functional cloths wear design agency, Munich.

Design service: Graphic design



Business cards

Company CI

Logo for Proliquid GmbH. High tech Liquid Handling Company


2D Graphic design combined with mapping in 3D CAD.

Logo for Munich Tennis Club.

Powell Design Logo.


5 Wine labels designs for 'Solagna' .
2D Graphics mapped on 3D CAD wine bottles.
Northern Italian vineyard.


2D Graphic design combined with 3D packaging / Perfume Flacon design.


2D Graphic design combined with packaging design for a future Perfume, 'Zodiac'.

Please note all designs are © of Powell Design.

Graphic design service:

Powell design offers a wide range of graphic design services.

     Logo and Company CI, including business cards and stationary.

     Label design for wine bottles.

     2D graphic design combined with 3D packaging design for Perfume Flacon.

     Website design with our Partner specialising in Wordpress.

Should you have any questions please write to Powell Design directly at: contact@powelldesign.de


2D graphic design projects start can start at €75.00 per hour but I normally make an offer for the complete project following a briefing with the client.

Projects involving 3D CAD design fall under the category of Industrial design. Costs for motorsport graphic / livery design have to be calculated for each specific project.


® Copyright Powell Design. All images and designs are the exclusive property of Powell Design unless otherwise marked.
WEBSITE DESIGN: Powell Design. 2022


Livery design service:

This is a very specialised design service for all types of motorsport.

Further information on the 'Livery design' page

Livery / Graphic design for historic and present day motorsport including: Rally, Touring. Long distance and F1, F2, F3

Should you have any questions please write to me directly at: info@powell-livery.de

I will answer your questions personally and as quickly as possible.

BMW M2. Track Day livery

Porsche 911 GT3 With Full Race livery

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