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Design service: Industrial design: Industrial design projects can start as low as 85.00€ per hour..........

Lighting design:

LED's have very much changed the way we look at lighting design. Light output and colour can be easily controlled and lighting effects, such as colour to colour fading give us many new design possibilities. Practically anything is possible as housings can reflect the small size of LED'S or become art and design statements of there own.

Household products:

This is a huge field. Powell design has created a complete collection of cable management designs from fashionable clips to desk top boxes and travel solutions. Other projects include loud speaker enclosures, household heating units, multi plugs and a coffee machine.


Furniture design is a highly specialized craft where a variety of solutions ranging from the practical to complete works of art are possible. I enjoy combining sculptural forms with sensible ergonomics. In this field Powell Design can produce one off works of art or well designed 'down to earth' production pieces. I am also currently looking into highly technical chairs made of CFK and a modular table system. I can support woodworking companies with design and CAD solutions or production companies looking for a redesign of their products.

Medical / interior design:

I am currently looking for partners for a cooperation project titled 'Hospital room 2025' which was started with a private Swiss hospital. Factors include the general layout of a single bed room and supporting functions such as climate control and lighting systems, bed design and patient entertainment.

I can also support manufactures in the medical field with a wide range of design services.


The E-bike world is currently a huge growing market. Almost every manufacture has added an electric motor to their current range or designed new bicycles. Powell design can support you with such projects or provide concepts and ideas for new types of E-bikes.

Over the last months Powell Design have developed a highly practical quad. This four wheeled bike offers unique levels of safety, carrying capacity and functionality combined with modern design.

Industrial design projects can start as low as 85.00€ per hour, though I normally make an offer for a complete project based on each of the design phases. Each design phase is billed separately as the project develops.


Entertainment concept.

Heating units.

Digger design.

Household electronic.

Coffee machine.




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