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At Porsche I was heavily involved in every motor racing program in the 80's.The Livery designs included:

1: Porsche 917, a restoration project.
2: Porsche 936/ 78 for Essex.
3: Porsche 956, Rothmans.
4: Porsche 959 Paris Dakar.
5: Porsche 962 Shell / Dunlop.
6.Porsche 944 Turbo-cup, Shell / Dunlop.

Designs were also used on Porsche 928s and many private customer cars.
Year 2000. BMW / Williams F1 livery proposals. 2014 Proposals for special Porsche 917 rebuild.


Livery Design:

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Motor sport: Livery design

I offer a complete graphic design service for Classic motorsport restoration projects and all fields of motor sport: rally, touring, long distance, club sport and F1, F2 & F3. We start by producing various design proposals and following a decision transfer the graphics to the racing car ready for painting. Sponsors stickers can also be ordered and applied to the car.

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